Dark Sun: Warriors of the Wasteland

190 KA (Year of the Priest's Defiance), Highsun, 12th and 13th Days of Sorrow

A young boy named Khas and Cha’ka, a Thri-Kreen, manage to elude their pursuers by joining an elven Moonrunner clan caravan leaving Tyr for Altaruk. A Mul, Juan Montenegro, who had come to Tyr to seek glory in the arena but found a city-state in chaos, joined the caravan to seek out better opportunity elsewhere. Once outside the gates the convoy encountered a strange duo, a Halfling wanderer from the Forest Ridge called Grek, and a marooned Githzerai, Shrakk. As the caravan traveled south they came upon a human nomad woman named Shaki, seeking supplies for the group of people she had been travelling with, she joins the others as a caravan guard.

Kaldras, the elven leader of the caravan, insists on a quick pace and pushes the group across the stony barrens south of Tyr. The Kanks and the other elves have very little problems enduring the trek, but some of the others need to push themselves to keep with the elves pace.



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