Dark Sun: Warriors of the Wasteland

190 KA (Year of the Priest's Defiance), Highsun, 14th, 15th and 16th Days of Sorrow

The Caravan is nearly buried by a landslide. Noboby is harmed, however the merchant train must now make a side trip around the blocked road, adding a day to Kaldras’ travel plans.

The next day the convoy enters the sandy wastes, Kaldras, still angered over the extended timetable of the journey, looks to make up time by pushing the caravan. Khas manages to convince the irrational elf to slow the pace for the sake of the Kanks. Meanwhile the natural instincts of Grek and Shaki, as well as the uncanny awareness of Shrakk, help to guide the caravan as it is plummeted by a sandstorm. After two days in the wastes the convoy begins the final leg of it’s trek. Kaldras determines it would be better for the caravan guards to lead the way through the treacherous passes of the badlands, with the caravan following.



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