Dark Sun: Warriors of the Wasteland

190 KA (Year of the Priest's Defiance), Highsun, 17th Day of Sorrow

As the caravan enters the badlands, a maze of canyon-like passages, they are ambushed by human raiders commanding a ragtag group of ten slaves. With wild abandon Grek flew into the melee, his obsidian ax gleaming in the sun then darkened by the blood of the ambushers. Khas used a more subtle approach, slipping past the slaves to strike at one of the raiders with his poisonous dagger. Juan’s heart began to surge with the thrill of combat, embracing the heightened senses that come with battle and tempering his frenzy with a true warrior’s dedication, he and Cha’ka made short work of the slaves skrimishing line. The Thri-Kreen unleashed a flurry of strikes, connecting with skilled percision, however Cha’ka’s aggressive assault left the Thri-Kreen in a poor defensive position.

Unaware of the slaves determination to continue fighting past normal capacity, Cha’ka is surrounded and succunbs to his injuries, dropping to the rocky ground. As Grek continued to cleave through the slaves and raiders without mercy, and Juan broke the slave’s skirmish line, Shaki focused the animal spirit she had summoned to attend to the fallen Thri-kreen. As Cha’ka regained his vigor, Shrakk, Khas, and Grek finished the raiders. The Halfling‘s obsidian battle ax splitting the final raider’s head in twain, a smirk creeps across Grek’s face as he happily states, “Dinner.”



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