Kruthiks burrow through the earth, riddling the Underdark with tunnels. They hunt in packs and nest in sprawling subterranean warrens.

Kruthiks dig tunnels that remain intact behind them. Often the first clue to the presence of a Kruthik hive is a preponderance of such tunnels in the vicinity.

Kruthiks communicate with one another through a series of hisses and chitters. A typical Kruthik hive is ruled by the largest Kruthik, called the hive lord.



Nature DC 15:Kruthiks are chitinous reptilian hunters that form small hives underground. They use their superior numbers to overwhelm and devour all other nearby creatures.

Kruthiks hunt methodically, stripping one area of prey before expanding their territory. They butcher their kills and carry treasure back to their nesting warrens. Mauled carcasses and strange tracks that look as if they were made by spikes are sure signs of a Kruthik horde.

Nature DC 20:Kruthiks communicate with one another through a complex series of insectlike chitters and reptilian hisses. These sounds can often be heard in advance of a Kruthik attack.

Kruthiks hatch from eggs and undergo several metamorphoses during their life cycle. Hatchlings grow into young, but young and adults enter a hard cocoon to change into the next larger breed of Kruthik.

Nature DC 25:Kruthiks take the scent of their own dead as a warning, and they avoid areas where many other Kruthiks have died. Slaying enough Kruthiks in one area might drive the remaining hive elsewhere.


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