Silt Runner

The diminutive Silt Runner proves that even the smallest of Athas‘s creatures are disproportionately deadly. Distantly related to Ssurrans (Athas’s lizard-folk), Silt Runners combine greed with cold-blooded ruthlessness. Their xenophobic hatred for other races is renowned. Survivors of attacks by Silt Runners describe how their companions were swarmed over and gradually lacerated to death by numerous tiny, razor-edged blades-a particularly unpleasent way to perish.

Silt runner


History or Nature 15:Silt Runners live in tribal warrens, temporary camps spread between dunes and connected by tunnels. They use these bases as staging areas for raiding small communities or slow-moving caravans. As their name implies, Silt Runners move easily across loose sand and silt, preferring to hunt where the terrain works to their advantage.

Silt Runners wear the clothes, treasures, and body parts of their victims as trophies. The rest of their prey is consumed.

For reason lost to history-perhaps nothing more than a quirk of biology-these humaniods harbor a particular hatred for fey. They have been known to break off attacks against far more numerous or vulnerable foes to attack a lone Elf or Eladrin.

Silt Runner

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