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Warriors of the Wasteland

Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where sandal-clad heroes battle ancient sorcery and terrible monsters. This is Athas, the world of the Dark Sun® campaign setting,a dying planet of savagery and desolation. Life hangs by a thread in this barren land, and now it is up to you to write your own story in blood and glory.

Chapter One: Wrath of the Sorcerer-kings
With the fall of Kalak in Tyr, the other Sorcerer-kings have grown wary of revolution sprouting across the entire region. Be it Praetors, Nganga, or Moon Priest, the templars of the kings are commited to maintaining order within their cities. Word of the treachery in Tyr is surpressed where possible and discounted by many of the common folk, but the fires of rebellion have been kindled.

The Shadow King, Nibenay, has dispatched emissaries to the other Sorcerer-kings.

The tidings they carry could spell the destruction of the city-state of Tyr and any who stand in the path of the true rulers of Athas.
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Features of the site

  • Adventure Log- A chronological record of the campaign
  • Wiki of the Wasteland- An encyclopedic reference for the campaign
  • Characters- A list of the player characters and notable NPCs in the campaign
  • Items- A list of objects of renown the PCs come across in their travels
  • Forums- Not currently being used
  • Calendar- Not currently used
  • Maps- Map of the area the PCs are currently located
  • Comments- Suggestions, critiques, etc.

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